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Committed to Prompt Legal Assistance

The Law Office of Mykhal Ofili, P.C. in Southern California specializes in handling your civil, criminal and immigration cases in a professional yet personable matter. Unlike other counsels, Mykhal is genuinely concerned about not just resolving your court cases, but guiding you every step of the way so you understand the actual legal process behind them.


Our firm practices all areas of employment and family-based immigration law including green cards (permanent residency), work permits (employment authorization), naturalization, and all related immigration petitions.

Our firm also handles delicate cases defending clients against removal/deportation proceedings stemming from a variety of reasons including denial of immigration benefits from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), criminal charges, marital fraud, crimes involving moral turpitude (CIMT), and state charges (felonies and misdemeanors).

We represent clients in all immigration courts (bond hearings, master calendar hearings, and individual hearings), all federal circuit courts, and before the Board of Immigration Appeals. Although many immigration-related matters do not require appearing before a judge, we travel to all parts of the United States when necessary. We also travel to foreign countries to accompany clients to embassy/consulate interviews if you are nervous or you have been denied before.

Business and Civil Litigation

From Family Law to Business formation, we believe that this area of law requires balance - i.e. an aggressive approach including seeking relief for our clients while making financially sound decisions. Our firm encourages and procures an aggressive approach to promote the protection of our client’s position, as well as promote a settlement. In business, just as in the practice of litigation, time is money and resources. Delaying the settlement of claims that could be resolved with the use of less time and resources increases the costs of litigation and diminishes the client’s return from any litigation case.

Contract-Drafting and Review

Our firm represents a wide variety of corporate and individual clients who have needs to review and evaluate business transactions, real estate transactions, settlement negotiations, and employment agreements. One of the most valuable benefits of this area of practice is the client’s ability to protect their interest (at a significantly lower and more manageable cost) by mitigating exposure to the hardships of costly litigation. The preventive approach to this area of practice is, unfortunately, underused in business law; however, its benefits could determine the survival of a business.

Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges or have been arrested, the Law Office of Mykhal Ofili can provide committed and accomplished legal representation. Mykhal Ofili is a Rancho Cucamonga criminal defense lawyer who makes it his priority to provide each client with outstanding legal counsel. He takes the time to visit his clients and discuss their case with them personally and will even make jail visits. The firm is available to provide you with 24-hour emergency assistance.

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